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Episode 1

Jonathan Bush

Founder and CEO of Zus Health, Jonathan Bush, shares his insights on the necessary tech layer, consisting of “Data as a Service” to accelerate the growth in digital and virtual first care solutions, and also speaks about the significance of the Nashville healthcare ecosystem helping to lead the way to better health for all by leveraging industry knowledge in new health ventures.

Episode 2

Chris Poole

Head of Studio at 25m Health, Chris Poole, shares how venture studio models are positively impacting the healthcare industry, and highlights the significance of rapid ideation and validation for early stage entrepreneurs. Chris explains how Studio Venture’s strategic partnerships have created the infrastructure, process and alignment to drive speed to market.

John Bass, Founder and CEO at Hashed Health
Episode 3

John Bass

At the intersection of healthcare and blockchain you’ll find John Bass, founder and CEO of Hashed Health, a Nashville-based venture studio driving innovation and collaboration. John shares how he launched successful startups and explains his plans to unlock significant future value within the industry by leveraging distributed ledger, blockchain, and web3 technologies.

Chase Spurlock, Co-Founder and CEO at Decode Health
Episode 4

Chase Spurlock

Chase Spurlock is co-founder and CEO of Decode Health, a startup focused on the use of machine learning to predict and better understand disease outcomes. In this episode, Chase provides background on his company, including a recent announcement involving Quest Diagnostics to improve the speed and accuracy of healthcare determinations.

Amy Bucher, Chief Behavioral Officer, at Lirio
Episode 5

Amy Bucher

As Chief Behavioral Officer at Lirio, Amy Bucher leads a team of behavioral scientists and health experts focused on designing AI-powered behavior change journeys to drive better personal and population health. Amy shares how Lirio’s focus on personalized care and AI helps patients and consumers make the best health decisions for themselves.

Lisa Esch, Senior Vice President at NTT Data Services
Episode 6

Lisa Esch

Lisa Esch, Senior Vice President and Chief of Strategy, Innovation, and Industry Solutions at NTT Data Services, provides insight on the disruptions and digital transformations happening in the healthcare industry, such as tackling the short-term challenges around workforce, staff burnout, and retaining and hiring employees.

Steve Cagle, CEO and Director of Clearwater Compliance
Episode 7

Steve Cagle

Steve Cagle, CEO of Clearwater Compliance, shares the importance of security, privacy, and compliance for early stage healthcare companies as they embark on building and implementing solutions. Steve is responsible for leading the company’s strategic growth, helping organizations identify and reduce risks associated with data and technology transformation.